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Bullying Prevention / School Climate

Dr. Shriberg has developed an innovative approach to bullying prevention and school climate efforts that prioritizes student empowerment. He is equally comfortable creating and working with schoolwide data (e.g., student surveys), and working with individual students, teachers, school administrators, and families to provide direct support.

"I worked with Dr. Shriberg for several years on our district-wide bullying prevention initiative.  He has been instrumental in helping my district review our data annually and make recommendations toward our future success with our program.  He is always welcome to come and consult with our schools!"

Dr. Christina Conolly,

School Administrator

“When my school, which is a junior high, wanted to work more intensively on our anti-bullying campaign, the person that immediately came to mind was my former professor Dr. Dave Shriberg.  Dr. Shriberg was always very hands on with our learning and had a strong passion in working with issues related to social justice.  From my school’s first team meeting with Dr. Shriberg, my principals, the social workers and myself were all very impressed with his ideas, problem solving skills and enthusiasm in working with us.  He came to that first meeting ready to listen to our needs and was able to develop an initial plan of action which incorporated our ideas with some of his own which he has learned from his years of research and consultation with other districts.  Dr. Shriberg worked with our district consistently over the next 5 years with our anti-bullying efforts.  He developed an intelligent, hard-working team to work with us and was available whenever need be.  Not only did he meet with our team several times throughout the year, every year, but he also personally met in groups with our students, presented to our parents, helped to develop a pamphlet for our families in regards to our anti-bullying program, surveyed our students (at both the beginning and end of the school year) in regards to their thoughts of bullying at our school, and presented the results of the team’s efforts to our staff in order to involve the entire school in our campaign.  As a result of his efforts, our school saw a more open dialogue with both students and staff in regards to bullying and how to stop it.  Everyone appeared more comfortable with coming forward with information and more willing to help put an end to bullying at our school.  We are extremely pleased with our consultation experience with Dr. Shriberg and would highly recommend him to any district looking to make a difference with your students.”

Samantha Loughlin,

School Psychologist

School Kids Meditating
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