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Program Evaluation

Often, organizations are doing great work, but do not necessarily have a great mechanism to measure the work they are doing to see if they are having the desired impact. Dr. Shriberg brings a participatory mindset and a data-based approach to his program evaluation efforts.

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"SitStayRead began collaborating with Dave Shriberg in 2012. Our partnership led to the first comprehensive assessment of our 2nd Grade program and has since led to a deeper investigation of our impact on reading comprehension and fluency in 2nd Graders, as well as a comprehensive assessment of our 1st Grade program. Dave truly listened to SitStayRead during each phase of both projects and crafted and executed thoughtful proposals that fit our needs as an organization. His ability to communicate complex analytical information in a clear and understandable way to any audience makes collaborating with him uncomplicated and fun. He is passionate and enthusiastic for our mission and cares about our students which is evident in his high quality, meticulous work."

Kate McIvain, Program Director, SitStayRead

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